Hi there. 

I'm a UMCP graduate and a CPA (Inactive) turned poet/writer of romance-ish stuff. 

When not lost in a character's thoughts, I'm sipping lattes, penning poems, and sketching scenes for my current WIP. A voracious reader, Beverly Cleary was the first to capture my heart. I love unforgettable characters, startling twists, and cringy moments that make you laugh, cry, and flush with embarrassment. My hope is to evoke those same emotions in others.

I'm querying the first novel in my Charm City Threads series and working on a variety of flash fiction and poetry. My poem The News Today recently appeared in From Whispers to Roars Quarantine Tales series 2. Check it out!

In addition to writing, I enjoy jogging, biking, and traveling with my hubby. Before quarantine, most weekends found us exploring. And by exploring, I mean visiting little league ball fields of exotic locale to watch our kids. 

We have four.

Love of family is riveled only by my Twenty One Pilots obsession (no...I'm not as fine as I seem), my borderline unhealthy addiction to Audible (you can't touch my badge collection), and my stalker-like fascination with our dragon, Bandito. Check out my Insta if you want to get to know her.