Canton Catastrophe coming soon...


 What they needed was a new beginning.

A place to sort things out, heal old wounds, and face what they’d been hiding for years. Those were David, Josh, and Kate’s promises when they agreed to renovate a Baltimore City row home together. Only with attractions igniting, David’s mysterious blackouts, and the past hunting them down, peeling paint and plumbing are the least of these childhood friend’s concerns...

DAVID Brennan has a secret. A dark figure has emerged with decade old lies and a new threat that could destroy him and the two people he loves most. Josh is his best friend and soulmate, and Kate’s been the love of his life since they were ten years old. David will do anything to protect them…even if it costs him everything.

JOSH Janney has a problem. The past is colliding with the present, and he’s panicking. Not to mention his roommate’s apathy toward their Canton fixer upper. Or Kate’s job situation. And David. He’s holding back, and Josh can’t deny his feelings much longer.

KATE Bryan is frustrated. Promises are getting ignored and the boys avoid everything. Including her. And she can’t seem to make a decision. Whether it’s paint for the house, her career, or knowing her heart when it comes to David and Josh. Things between them are growing complicated, and she’s sensing disaster.

Perhaps their Canton Catastrophe’s not a new beginning, but a means to an end.

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